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You make a million decisions every day.
Let me help you make this one.

I help executives & high-achieving professionals
plan their finances and manage their investments.

Here are the top three mistakes I see wealthy people make with their money:

  1. Not matching the right type of investment with their intended time horizon. There is more risk.
  2. Trying to time the market. No matter how much you think the market is overvalued or undervalued, do not think that you’re smarter than the other 150 million market participants
  3. Trading on hot tips from a friend of theirs. Most people will be further ahead if they never acted on any of those hot tips.
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Financial Planning

Let’s talk about what the next chapter of your financial life looks like.

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Investment Management

Let’s ensure you have sufficient resources to fund what’s most important to you.

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Executive Compensation

Let’s think about how to minimize taxes and maximize all forms of stock compensation.