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Want to make retirement the best time of your life? My team can help.

Jeremy Kisner, CFP®

Director of Financial Planning & Senior Wealth Advisor,  Surevest Private Wealth

Jeremy is the Director of Financial Planning at Surevest Private Wealth.  He helps keep Surevest’s financial life planners current on the latest strategies and law changes, as well as advising on complex cases for high net-worth clients.  Jeremy is also a Senior Wealth Advisor, providing financial planning and investment management services directly to a select group of Surevest clients.

Jeremy loves all things finance. He also likes to play poker, go camping, and practice yoga, but he loves to talk economics and investment strategies even more.

That means you probably won’t find him in the workshop, baking a cake, or even on the court shooting free-throws. Instead (if you twist his arm), he might share his highly rated book, A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You (4.6 stars on Amazon) or an article quoting him in Barron’s or The Wall Street Journal. Jeremy and his wife Angela have three beautiful girls (Chloe, Gracie & Maya) who thankfully look like their mother.

Jeremy has a degree in Economics from UC Santa Barbara, a collection of professional designations (CFP®, CPWA®, CLU®), and has been trained in financial life coaching by both Money Quotient and The Kinder Institute.

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Financial Planning

On a personal note…

On top of my role as a financial advisor to approximately 100 families, I have my own family. I have been married for 19 years and have three teenage girls…yikes! The point is I don’t just counsel clients on the importance of good financial decisions.  I have to make the same kinds of choices in my personal life. I understand the tradeoffs of investing for the future while also trying to create memorable and enriching experiences now. This is the great balancing act of financial planning.

There is no spending decision or savings rate that is right for every family, and your priorities will shift over time. Fancy cars and expensive watches have never excited me, but I have definitely spent too much on Taylor Swift tickets. I always say, money is a tool. Use it to build a life that you and your family love.

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I've helped others...

...Provide for family members.

I advised a widow about provisions she could add to her trust to ensure her financially irresponsible daughter will never be homeless, and worked with her attorney to get it done.

…Navigate real estate sales.

I helped a newly retired couple plan to sell their rental properties and trade their current vacation home for one closer to their children and grandchildren.

…Decide what they want out of retirement.

I helped a workaholic engineer figure what she wants to do with the rest of her life, and then developed a financial plan showing it was possible.

…Create lifetime income.

I helped a small business owner sell his business and use the proceeds to create lifetime income and a financial legacy for his family.

Now how can I help you?