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Financial Planning

A better plan = Less stress

Feeling Anxious About the Future?

You don’t have to

In just 4 meetings, I will help you create a plan to reduce financial stress and enjoy greater wealth and more retirement income.

Financial Planning


Your comprehensive financial plan will include

  • All your financial goals
  • Net worth statement
  • Cash-flow chart showing:
    – Where your income comes from each year
    – How much you plan to spend
    – Projected Taxes
    – IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
    – Portfolio withdrawal rates
  • Insurance review
  • Investment plan showing:
    Different Scenarios / Options
    Range of potential outcomes showing projected ending portfolio values at the end of your life.


Tax considerations are under-appreciated by most financial advisors. We analyze every client’s tax return and provide a user-friendly Tax Report so clients can better understand their taxes. Surevest wealth advisors use this information from the tax return to create projections, inform investment decisions and make tax minimization recommendations for the following year.

Estate Planning


Pay as little to Uncle Same as necessary and plan your legacy.

Estate planning is the process of:

  • Deciding who will make decisions for you (healthcare and financial) if / when you’re no longer able to make them.
  • Naming beneficiaries who will receive your assets after you die – including contingencies, restrictions and timing of distributions.
  • Organizing your estate to make things as easy and straightforward as possible for your beneficiaries.

We will work with you and your estate planning attorney (we can recommend one if needed) to make sure you leave a legacy of joy and empowerment… not confusion.

We help you organize your financial life

We setup a personal financial website for each client so you can see all your financial assets in one place. This includes all balances, transactions and documents for everything you own – not just the accounts you hold with us. Your complete financial picture will always be at your fingertips and updated every time you login. (Watch 2 minute demo below)

Free Strategy Session

Why Risk Losing What You’ve Worked so Hard to Save?

There are not many things that will make a bigger impact on your life than making good financial and investment decisions. I recognize that it’s not easy to find a competent team of people you trust.

That’s why I offer a free strategy session so you can get to know me and my team. We also offer a free analysis of your current investment portfolio.

You can also download our free retirement planning toolkit and read over 180 articles I’ve written in my blog, “Clear and concise financial advice” .