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Jeremy Kisner Toolkit

Retirement Planning Toolkit

My Retirement Planning Toolkit will help you organize your finances and visualize your retirement. You’ll be well on your way to creating a great retirement plan once you complete the included worksheets. Don’t worry; it’s easier than you think. Happy planning!

Jeremy Kisner Toolkit

A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You…

Please enjoy this introduction and sample chapter from A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You, where authors Jeremy Kisner and Robert Luna share clear and concise insights to help you avoid common mistakes and enjoy greater wealth and retirement income.

Jeremy Kisner Toolkit

“What If” Letter Template

Imagine that you died 90 days ago. You are up in heaven looking down on your spouse, children, and possibly grandchildren. What would you like to say to them? Your estate planning documents (will or trust) only designate who gets which assets. What your loved ones will want more than anything is one more interaction with you. Although you cannot give that to them, you can give them the next best thing – a heartfelt letter that conveys your favorite memories, thoughts, values, and wishes for each of them. This is the type of letter that is likely to be read dozens of times and may have more of an impact than anything you said when you were alive. So, let’s make sure it leaves the right impression and says what you want.

Jeremy Kisner Toolkit

Downsizing Your Residence For Retirement

One of the many decisions people face as they approach retirement is whether their current residence still suits their needs and desired lifestyle. Where you live is one of the biggest decisions you will make. It affects everything from your finances, to your stress level, to how you spend your time. This paper discusses the considerations and best practices when downsizing.