Kisner Girls Save Lost Dog

At approximately 5:15 a.m. last Sunday, my wife Angela was driving our daughters, Gracie (13) and Maya (12) to horseback riding. A car in front of our minivan suddenly hit its brakes and swerved. Gracie and Maya saw a small, injured dog running across Shea Blvd, near 67th Street, in Phoenix. “Mom, stop!”

Angela slowed down, but Grace and Maya jumped out while the car was still moving! They were able to catch the dog and called the number on the tag. Apparently, this little pup had been missing for more than three days and the owners had given up hope.

She had a couple of cuts, was bleeding from one of her paws, and had puncture marks on her abdomen. The pup was very scared, lethargic, and dehydrated, but when reunited with her owners, she immediately perked up and started wagging her tail.

We spoke to the owners later in the day after a veterinarian had evaluated her. The vet thought the dog had been attacked by a hawk or an owl. No one could believe this six-pound dog survived for more than three days, surrounded by predators in 110-degree heat, without food or water. The good news is she is going to be okay. An animal rescue organization is writing a story about this rescue and asked for a picture of Gracie and Maya.

These stories do not usually have happy endings, but we are thrilled that this one did.

For a more detailed account and more pics of the owners reunited with their pup (Laika), see the Facebook post HERE.