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Tax Refund: How We Spend Them

Can you think of anything more exciting than getting a tax refund? Well, maybe a few things, but refunds are nice and represent a substantial amount of money for many households. The average refund (for those getting refunds) was around... View Article

Market Correction: That’s a Good Thing

Everyone in financial services has been shocked at the complete lack of volatility (prior to this past week). The MSCI World Index increased every month in 2017, a feat that had not occurred in the previous 30 years. So, instead... View Article

Are You the Millionaire Next Door?

One piece of advice that has served me well, and I often repeat, is: “When what you see and what you hear are in conflict, believe what you see.” However, one area where that advice does not hold up is... View Article

Decisions that Minimize Regret

Have you asked yourself what you would regret (not having done) if you were to get hit by a bus tomorrow? Each of us may end up rich or poor, single or married, relatively young or well past the average... View Article

2018 New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Tips

Each year, Fidelity Investments conducts a Financial New Year’s Resolutions survey. The most interesting finding this year is that the percentage of people making financial resolutions is at an all-time low. Only 27% of respondents planned to make a financial... View Article

Trump Tax Plan – Good, Bad & Ugly

I was skeptical, but it looks like the Republican-led senate will get 50 votes for the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” The stock market is happy about the Trump Tax Plan, but most Americans are not. Only 33 percent of... View Article

Which Investments belong in an IRA?

People frequently want investment recommendations. Less often do they concern themselves with which investments belong in which types of accounts. This is known as “asset location,” for those of you who like financial jargon. Investments generally grow faster in IRAs... View Article