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Quarterly Market Commentary: Spring 2018

Happy Tax Day. I hope you completed your taxes with as little time, stress, and taxes due as possible. Next year, Tax Day should prove less taxing, thanks to the benevolence of our esteemed representatives in Congress.  The tax overhaul... View Article

The Best Way To Buy, Sell or Rent a Timeshare

If you think cars depreciate quickly, you may be shocked by the resale prices on timeshares. The first mistake people make is thinking their timeshare is an investment. It’s not. They almost never appreciate or generate income. A timeshare is... View Article

Timeshares: Does it makes sense to buy one?

Timeshare presentations have replaced used car salesmen as the image we conjure up when we think of high pressure sales. The timeshare industry has a bad reputation based on sleazy tactics, hidden fees, and an overall lack of transparency. Yet... View Article

Should Retirees Sell Their Rental Properties?

Most people’s dream retirement does not revolve around trash, tenants, and toilets. As such, many of my clients sell their rental properties around the same time they are filing for Social Security. However, some retirees like the idea of having... View Article

Vacations: Why Don’t We Take More of Them?

The Kisner family spent this past week vacationing in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. We were determined not to waste Spring Break sitting around the house like we did last year. Angela and I were partially motivated by the avalanche... View Article

Life Insurance: Fewer buyers, bigger policies

The fact that far fewer people are buying life insurance is a real head scratcher. I’ve been pondering this and hypothesizing various reasons. Is the life insurance market reflecting the trends of income inequality? Are people in the bottom half... View Article

Trump, Tariffs, and Trade Wars

A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my lawyer friends. He told me there are two types of lawyers: Those who try to find a reasonable and practical solution to a given dispute, and Those who employ... View Article

Is the Economy Doing Too Well?

Is there such a thing as too much good economic news? That sounds counterintuitive. After all, don’t we want low unemployment, high corporate earnings, and strong real estate and stock markets? Of course we do. However, when it comes to... View Article

Tax Refund: How We Spend Them

Can you think of anything more exciting than getting a tax refund? Well, maybe a few things, but refunds are nice and represent a substantial amount of money for many households. The average refund (for those getting refunds) was around... View Article