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Chances of an IRS Audit in 2018?

I always have a sense of accomplishment when I file my taxes. Most of you are also resting easy, unless you filed for an extension. Taxpayers who filed for an extension still have until September 15th to file a business... View Article

Stock Market: Why I Love & Hate It

I knew nothing about the stock market at the age of 12, but I was completely hooked by age 13. My father asked me if I wanted to invest my bar-mitzvah money. I said, “Sure” without really understanding what that... View Article

Why Rich People Worry About Money

What amount of money would make you feel secure? Do you have a number? I hate to break it to you, but chances are, you’d still worry about money regardless of your net worth. This week I was reading a... View Article

Royal Wedding Costs vs Average Wedding Costs

I usually try to write articles that enable readers to make better financial decisions. Today’s article about wedding costs is going to be the exception. The value of this post is simply to give you something to gossip about with... View Article

Women, Money & Divorce After 50

The majority of women (56%) leave major financial and investing decisions to their husbands. Most of these women (80%) are perfectly happy with this arrangement because they feel their husband knows more about financial matters. This arrangement can work out... View Article

What Will You Remember from 2018?

Do you remember the first concert you attended? I do. The Tubes in 1983. I also remember just about every other concert. It’s interesting the things we remember and which ones we forget. If you read my weekly column, you... View Article

Starter Homes: Shortage Likely To Get Worse

Is a shortage of starter homes going to turn into the next housing crisis? A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called “Should Retirees Sell Their Rental Properties?”. My article showed that rentals generally do not provide a very... View Article

Quarterly Market Commentary: Spring 2018

Happy Tax Day. I hope you completed your taxes with as little time, stress, and taxes due as possible. Next year, Tax Day should prove less taxing, thanks to the benevolence of our esteemed representatives in Congress.  The tax overhaul... View Article