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Tax Brackets & Important Numbers – 2022

The Chart below contains: 2022 Tax Brackets, Tax Rates, Thresholds and Phase outs, Retirement Plan Contribution Limits, Social Security limits, Medicare Premiums and IRMAA Surcharge brackets, Health Savings Account Contribution limits, and Uniform Lifetime Table for IRA RMDs. Please click the chart below to enlarge, print or download. Click Image to Enlarge, Print or Download

RMDs: Reduced Beginning in 2022

After a one year delay, the new Uniform Lifetime Table became effective on January 1st, 2022.  This means IRA (and retirement plan) account holders do not need to withdraw as much from their accounts to satisfy their Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) as under the previous rules. Reflecting Increased Life Expectancies This will be the first …View Article

Why Volatility Matters For Retirees

Volatility is one of the most underappreciated aspects of investing. Everyone likes to focus on rates of returns, but the volatility of a portfolio can be equally important. How much volatility should you expose yourself to? The answer lies primarily in your investment time horizon. In other words, how long will it be until you …View Article

Investment Time Horizon – Most Common Investor Mistake

The most common mistake among investors of all ages is not matching the right type of investment to their intended time horizon (how long until they need the money). We are frequently asked by clients where to invest short-term money. Nobody wants to put it in the bank when interest rates are below 1%. The …View Article

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Many people feel good about giving money to charities.  They also like to get the corresponding tax deduction.  Unfortunately, fewer people are taking advantage of the tax benefifs of charitable giving since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act took effect in 2018.  This is why I wanted to shed some light on Qualified Charitable Distributions.  …View Article

Parenting With Wealth – 5 Things To Never Tell Your Kids

I have been reading a few books lately about steps that wealthy families can take so that their kids do not end up as spoiled, entitled brats who lack ambition. Money can solve many of life’s problems and lead to a wonderful lifestyle. Sadly, parenting with wealth is not easy and, in some respects, makes …View Article

Employee Stock Options: The Basics

The road to riches for many key employees and executives is paved with equity compensation. Today’s article is going to focus on Stock Options, the tool that started the equity compensation craze among tech companies (and subsequently all types of companies) to attract and retain talent and “share the wealth.” The idea behind stock options …View Article

Kisner Girls Save Lost Dog

At approximately 5:15 a.m. last Sunday, my wife Angela was driving our daughters, Gracie (13) and Maya (12) to horseback riding. A car in front of our minivan suddenly hit its brakes and swerved. Gracie and Maya saw a small, injured dog running across Shea Blvd, near 67th Street, in Phoenix. “Mom, stop!” Angela slowed …View Article

Cryptocurrency: Speculative Fad or the Future of Finance?

Digital money, known as “cryptocurrency,” has continued to gain acceptance, both among speculative millennials as well as institutions. I used to think cryptocurrency was an over-hyped fad that got too much press. Nevertheless, you cannot avoid it anymore. Many people are blinded by the price volatility and their personal biases, but the reality is cryptocurrency …View Article