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Raising Kids: How to Start a Weekly Allowance

We have written a few excellent articles (if I do say so myself) on the topic of raising kids and teaching them about money. Definitely check this out if you missed it the first time: Parenting With Wealth – 5 Things To Never Tell Your Kids. Now, New York Times columnist Ron Lieber has written a book …View Article

Average Wedding Costs In The United States

Is anyone else shocked that average wedding costs in the U.S. have climbed over $31,000? For a little perspective, keep in mind that the median household income nationwide is only $55,775 as of 2015. I keep thinking that more people will elope or opt for small “family only” weddings, but the costs just continue to …View Article

Derivatives – How Are They Used?

Computers, the Internet, and other advances in technology have dramatically increased the speed at which business happens. It seems that fortunes are made and lost at record speed, and prices can surge and plunge much quicker than ever before. It is surprising how resilient and stable the economy has been, given the pace of change. …View Article

New Car – Is It Time To Replace Your Vehicle?

How long should you keep your car, and how much should you spend on new car? These are questions we all ask ourselves. American overspend on automobiles at the expense of other financial priorities: Americans have always loved new cars, which is probably why the average family overspends on automobiles at the expense of other …View Article

Financial Tips For Young Families

Becoming wealthy is really not rocket science. You simply need to develop good financial habits and follow the 15 financial tips in today’s blog post. Here are my top 15 financial tips for young families: Sock it away – If you only follow one of the financial tips in today’s article, it has to be …View Article

Tax Deductions – What You Need To Know

Tax season is in full swing. Americans everywhere are adding up their receipts and trying to find ways to reduce their adjusted gross income (AGI) to a much lower “taxable income” figure. The easy route is to take the standard deduction. The standard deduction for 2018 is $12,000 is you are single or $24,000 if …View Article

Social Security Survivor Benefits For Families

Most people reading this have known someone who died prematurely. Too often, the family’s grief is compounded by financial stress and uncertainty. The first thing that goes through my mind when I hear a story like this is, “I hope they had enough life insurance.” However, another source of financial support for these young families …View Article

Happiness: The Best Is Yet To Come

Every once in a while, we include a non-financial topic in our weekly newsletter because we believe the topic is compelling. This week’s topic focuses on the latest research on happiness and aging. Contrary to the viewpoint that youth is the best time of life, a growing body of research now shows that life gets …View Article

Divorce – Its Impact On Your Financial Plan

Sometimes we develop well thought-out financial plans and then life throws us a curveball. One of these is the break-up of a marriage. The divorce rate in the U.S. is around 50% and even higher in many other countries. One interesting tidbit is that similar credit scores are a good predictor of marital compatibility.  Nevertheless, …View Article

Gold and The Greater Fool Theory

In times of stock market volatility and government intervention in financial markets, some people are comforted by owning hard assets (e.g., gold). We have never been big proponents of investing more than a few percent of a portfolio in the precious metal and neither is Warren Buffet. Mr. Buffet has clever and memorable ways of …View Article