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IRS Audit – What Are The Chances?

The final tax return deadline (including extensions) for businesses is the 15th of September and the 15th of October for individuals. You can rest easy if you have already filed your taxes. That is, unless you get audited. The IRS generally has three years to initiate an audit. Just the thought of an IRS audit …View Article

Stock Market Rigged Against Mom and Pop Investors?

Did anyone catch 60 Minutes last Sunday? There was an interesting story about how high-frequency traders have an unfair advantage in the stock market over mom-and-pop investors. High-frequency trading is the use of high powered computers and computer algorithms to give certain investors a split-second advantage over other traders in the stock market. These programs …View Article

Debt To Income Ratio: How Much House Can You Buy?

Your mortgage broker needs to know two things in order to tell you how much you can borrow: your income and your recurring monthly debt obligations. These two numbers are used to determine your Debt to Income Ratio (DTI). The debt to income ratio includes all loan payments, such as minimum monthly credit card payments, …View Article

College Education – Is It Worth the Cost?

One of the more interesting debates to come up over the past few years is whether or not a college education is worth the cost. A few high profile people, such as Peter Thiel (self-made billionaire); have questioned the value of a degree in the face of rapidly escalating costs and fewer white collar jobs.  …View Article