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FICO Score – How It’s Determined

Do you ever feel like you’re just a number? Well, in the eyes of lenders, you are a number, and that number is called your FICO score. Despite the commercials on TV about wanting to make your dreams come true, most financial institutions are not interested in lending to you if you have a low …View Article

Refinance Your Mortgage – Typical Monthly Savings

Have you been wondering how you could save $160 a month? That is the average savings homeowners realize when they refinance their mortgages. About 20 percent of households that could benefit from refinancing are not doing it—according to a report from the National Bureau of Economic Research. Why homeowners don’t refinance when they should: The …View Article

Diversification: Why It’s Hard To Stick With

Have you ever drunk a shot of wheat grass? It tastes absolutely awful. It is extremely good for you, but I never, ever want to try it again. There are many other things that are good for you, such as low-fat, low-salt diets, but most of us would rather eat hot fudge sundaes. I think we should …View Article

Wealth Inequality = Investment Opportunities

The Occupy Wall Street movement shined a light on growing inequality between the middle class and the top 1%. The wealth inequality is real and getting more pronounced. I recently saw an article in the Los Angeles Business Journal ranking the wealthiest Los Angelenos. Number 48 on the list was a billionaire…and that is just …View Article

Pension Decision: Lump Sum or Lifetime Payments?

It is an age-old financial planning dilemma: Take the big sexy pot of money or the monthly payments for life? This question, of course, assumes that you are fortunate enough to have a pension and your pension offers a lump sum option. What if your former employer goes bankrupt? Some people like the idea of …View Article

Volatility Matters For Retiree Investors

If you learn one thing from our blog this year, I hope it will be the concept of today’s article. I have come to believe that volatility is one of the most underappreciated aspects of investing. Everyone likes to focus on rates of returns, but the volatility of a portfolio can be equally important. How …View Article

Real Estate: Rental Properties vs. The Stock Market

Have you ever wondered whether buying rental real estate  is a better investment than the stock market? What are the costs, challenges, and likely returns for being a landlord?  Analyzing all of the cash flows can get confusing, so let me elucidate. That means shed light upon…just in case the word elucidate needed any elucidation. …View Article

Boomerang Kids: Suggested Ground Rules

Do you know anyone who has an adult child living at home for financial reasons? Most people do. Yet very few pre-retirees have this situation on their radar.  They do not think this as a financial risk to their own retirement or break out financial support for adult children as a planned budget item. Boomerang …View Article

Reverse Mortgage – An Underutilized Tool?

Lately, reverse mortgages have been getting more respect from academic researchers and financial planning journals. Many people think a reverse mortgage is to be used as a tool of last resort. However, recent research has shown that they can be more valuable if taken earlier in retirement to decrease the amount of withdrawals needed from …View Article

Fox Business: Should You Buy Life Insurance for Your Kid?

Jeremy Kisner is quoted extensively throughout this Fox Business article on whether or not it makes sense to buy life insurance on your children. Jeremy: “It is hard to make a good case that a child’s death would create a financial hardship and there are better savings strategies for children.” He goes on to give examples and exceptions in the article.