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Election 2020: How Will the Outcome Affect Your Portfolio?

Politically, I have always been a moderate. I like some Republican viewpoints and others from the Democrats. This position seems to offend everyone these days. Nevertheless, you may be happy to hear that the stock market will most likely do fine over the next few years regardless of who wins the election. Dire predictions are …View Article

Company Valuations – Why is a Stock Worth That Much?

Ultimately, the value of any item is what others are willing to pay for it. In the absence of government intervention, prices are set by supply and demand. Consumers typically decide what they are willing to pay for an item based on their tastes, preferences, philanthropic values, or sentimental attachment. However, the price an investor …View Article

Debt To Income Ratio: How Much House Can You Afford?

There has been a shortage of homes for sale for the last few years. This is a trend I predicted would get worse back in 2018. My prediction has been correct, and now the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated this shortage for a whole host of reasons. In July, we had the lowest inventory of …View Article

Reinventing Yourself in Retirement: Rich Rajacich

I wanted to call this post “A Star Is Born,” but I figured that title was pretty much taken. Nevertheless, this story of my friend, and Surevest Client, Rich Rajacich should be an inspiration to anyone who is looking to reinvent themselves. In 2004, Rich was at the peak of his career as an endodontist. ...View Article

How I Invest My Money

I have to admit that I got the idea for this blog post from a soon-to-be-released book by the same title. Just as the cobbler’s kids often have no shoes, many financial advisors do not practice what they preach. It is a bit shocking that not all financial professionals save, invest, and insure like the …View Article

Dog Ownership: Health Benefits & Financial Costs

One consequence of the Covid pandemic is more people are buying or adopting new pets.  This brings up several questions, including: Are pet owners happier than non-pet owners? Do these pet owners live longer and/or healthier lives? And how much does it cost to own a pet? Several studies have shown compelling rewards to sharing …View Article

Financial Stress: Impacts on Health & Relationships

Almost all Surevest clients are doing just fine financially and have not been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. That may not be the case for their adult children and grandchildren. Therefore, I wanted to shine some light on the potentially devasting effects of financial stress. The American Psychological Association publishes an annual “Stress in …View Article