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Reverse Mortgage – An Underutilized Tool?

Lately, reverse mortgages have been getting more respect from academic researchers and financial planning journals. Many people think a reverse mortgage is to be used as a tool of last resort. However, recent research has shown that they can be more valuable if taken earlier in retirement to decrease the amount of withdrawals needed from …View Article

Fox Business: Should You Buy Life Insurance for Your Kid?

Jeremy Kisner is quoted extensively throughout this Fox Business article on whether or not it makes sense to buy life insurance on your children. Jeremy: “It is hard to make a good case that a child’s death would create a financial hardship and there are better savings strategies for children.” He goes on to give examples and exceptions in the article.

Home Ownership – Buy or Rent Your Residence?

One of the biggest financial decisions people make is whether to buy or rent their place of residence. It was generally accepted that buying was the wealth-maximizing strategy prior to the housing bust of 2006-2011. Now, many people are not as enamored with the idea of home ownership as they once were. Home ownership has …View Article

Education Leads to Higher Life Satisfaction

A few months back, I wrote a blog post titled “Is College Worth the Cost?” This past week, the Gallup organization, in conjunction with Purdue University, shed more light on the specific higher education decisions and experiences that lead to better life satisfaction. Their landmark study, called Great Jobs Great Lives, provides some surprising findings …View Article

A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You: Book Review

A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You… Since our book, titled “A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You…,” was published a couple years ago, it has become a bit of a sensation and garnered rave reviews on Amazon. It is not a stereotypical introduction to investing book. We wanted to break the norm, show an …View Article

Automobile Expenses – Better to Buy or Lease?

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how much house you can afford. This week we are covering the other biggest item in most family’s budgets, automobile expenses. The average American family spends 13-17% of their household income on transportation, which is mostly automobile expenses. This is more than most families can comfortably afford. As …View Article

Stock Market Rigged Against Mom and Pop Investors?

Did anyone catch 60 Minutes last Sunday? There was an interesting story about how high-frequency traders have an unfair advantage in the stock market over mom-and-pop investors. High-frequency trading is the use of high powered computers and computer algorithms to give certain investors a split-second advantage over other traders in the stock market. These programs …View Article

College Education – Is It Worth the Cost?

One of the more interesting debates to come up over the past few years is whether or not a college education is worth the cost. A few high profile people, such as Peter Thiel (self-made billionaire); have questioned the value of a degree in the face of rapidly escalating costs and fewer white collar jobs.  …View Article