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Mortgage Interest Deduction – FAQs

Last year, I was listening to an interview of six different economists on NPR. The topic was which tax and spending policies were good or bad for America. Two things shocked me: 1) that six economists could agree on anything, and 2) the one thing they agreed on was that the home mortgage interest deduction …View Article

2018 3rd Quarter Market Review & Outlook

Every quarter, I look forward to the commentary & outlook column written by my esteemed colleagues, Robert Luna (Chief Investment Officer) and Luis Galdamez (Director of Research and Trading). This quarter’s commentary did not disappoint. The information is especially timely considering recent market volatility. We are also proud to include the insights of Jeremy Siegel …View Article

Longevity Insurance = Deferred Income Annuity

I was recently speaking to a client who has numerous relatives in their mid-90s to early 100s. We all pray for good health and long lives, but sometimes, we do not consider the potential financial ramifications of living so long. Many people buy life insurance to provide funds for their loved ones in case they …View Article

Car Purchase: New or Used?

Automobiles are among the biggest ticket items you’ll ever purchase. In fact, the average person buys 13 cars over a lifetime. The average cost of a new car in 2018 is approximately $35,000 according to Kelley Blue Book. Therefore, it’s really important to make good financial decisions when buying cars. The biggest decision is whether …View Article

Retirement Investing: What’s a Reasonable Rate of Return?

One the many important decisions as you transition into retirement is: “How should I invest for this new chapter of life?” If you are reading this article, there is a good chance you are a prudent saver who has been saving and investing throughout your career. Now you need to figure out your retirement investing …View Article

Planned vs. Actual Retirement Age

One of the questions on every pre-retiree’s mind is: “When should I (or can I) retire?” The average reported retirement age for Americans who are already retired is 61. This is lower than the age at which people are retiring today. A recent poll from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the average age of …View Article

Why Exchange Rates Matter When Traveling Abroad

Over the past week, I was in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain. I was dropping off my 13-year-old daughter, Chloe, who will be living in Valencia and attending public school for a semester. She is super-excited and a bit nervous. Anyway, I thought this was a good opportunity to update this article on exchange rates. The …View Article

Dog Ownership: Health Benefits & Financial Costs

This week I set out to answer two questions that have been on my mind: Do pet owners really live longer? And how much does it cost to own a pet? Several studies have shown compelling rewards to sharing your life with a furry friend. I am partial to dogs, so I asked our superstar …View Article

ROTH Conversions: More attractive under new tax law

There is no investment account more loved than the ROTH IRA. The promise of tax-free growth followed by tax-free withdrawals is hard to beat. My other two favorite features of the ROTH IRA are: 1) You can withdraw your contributions, but not the growth, before age 59 ½ without penalty (unlike every other retirement account), …View Article

How to Prioritize Competing Savings Goals

Today, I am going to share my philosophy on how to prioritize competing savings goals. In other words, what do I save for first? What types of accounts should I use? And should I pay off debt instead of investing for the future? Unfortunately, life can get complicated, so many financial dilemmas will require you …View Article